Postgraduate Institute of Management Welfare Society (PIMWS)


Pro.Ajantha Dharmasiri
Message from the Patron

PIMWS as PIM’s “Peoplecare”
PIMWS is the symbol and the system we have at the PIM to showcase our “peoplecare”. It, in essence highlights the recognition of employees as our esteemed asset and to give a positive signal as to how much we care for each and every one of them. PIMWS is there to ensure “peoplecare” in a fair manner. In line with PIM’s vision and mission, we produce leaders with global presence and local pulse.  We need all at PIM to be companions of that meaningful journey, with high motivation. PIM is all of us together. PIMWS projects the people focus of PIM to the professional community. PIMWS should engage in rallying all employees towards excellence. With a dynamic team in action, it is surely possible. Let’s strive to fly higher.
Best wishes!


Mr Samantha Rathnayake
President - 2017

I humbly feel a real sense of joy in sharing sentiments in the PIM Welfare Society’s first web page which is displaying all PIM staff engagements with the support of the PIM and a larger stakeholder community. Throughout the years many have contributed to uplift the society to greater heights. The ultimate purpose of which is to serve the PIM staff and carry out social activities within the given boundaries.

Let me congratulate PIM Welfare Society For helping all of us to grow from strength to strength.



The Postgraduate Institute of Management Welfare Society

Being the country’s primier management mentor, the PIM  rests on the epithet that ‘staff is the organization’. This underscores the fact that the Institute’s staff is destined to play a determinant role in the growth, progress and sustainability of the organization.


(a) to fulfill the economic, social and cultural needs of the membership as well as to promote friendship, understanding, mutual assistance, benevolence and self assistance among the membership.  
(b)To indulge in all other unspecified activities conforming to the aforesaid overall objective at (a) above, that have been ratified at any general meeting of the membership.  


President: Mr. Samantha Rathnayake
Vice president: Mr.Chamal Dissanayake
Secretary: Ms D Manushika
Treasurer: Mr. A D M Sisira Perera
Auditor: Mr. Jayantha Newunhella

Committee Members:
Ms D Gunawardena
Ms Punya K Godakanda
Mr Savan Mullegama
Mr. Jude Perera
Dr.Gayan Jayakody


Mr. K. A. I. Kalyanaratne
2011, 2012, 2013, 2016

Mr. Chamal Dissanayake

Mr. Sisira Athuraliyage






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